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I am Momo. To avoid any confusion, I am the human one. My fuzzy friend Buddy works with me as a source of inspiration and happiness.

I am a freelance illustrator originally from the Netherlands but now happily living in Portugal. For the past 5 years I have been passionately working on cool projects for toys, animations, apps and video games. I had the pleasure of working with big international clients like Wok to Walk, the BBC and Primo Toys

Doing this I managed to develop a style of illustration i’m really happy with. It’s all about big bold geometric shapes, bright colours and with a big splash of cuteness added to it. I love drawing worlds filled with happy animals, tasty food, retro robots and other fun stuff. If my designs can make you smile, laugh or feel good, I feel like I’ve done my job well.

If you want to see any more dog pics and doodles, feel free to follow my instagram. 

Wanna hear about my daily adventures and what video games I'm playing now? Here's my twitter!